Pitch Assets

How you convey information about yourself to those you are attempting to get to support you has never been so difficult with how oversaturated the market currently is. That’s why we have decided to offer fully personalised Pitch Decks and Press Releases that you can use to stand out to whom you decide to approach in future.

Branding & Graphic Design

Branding is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any modern businesses capacity to catch the eye of potential customers. Therefore it is vital that it is done right. Our in-house graphic designer actively creates original still images and video content for a number of recognised labels and artists that are of nothing short of high quality and consistent.

Photography & Videography

In addition to getting your Branding right, having consistent high quality content rolling through to your audience is empirical in building a following in the modern age. We can offer various bespoke projects in order to aid build a media bank for your brand and arrange photoshoot days, videos of you performing live and any other creative project that you would like filming and editing to a professional standard!


Experienced across a wide variety of fields within the music industry, Dart Frog also offers one-to-one consultancy sessions covering a range of topics crucial to the modern artist or music business.